The right (wo)man at the right place

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Who is the biggest job provider in Belgium? The SME sector, figures in support: currently, Wallonia has about 289,821 SMEs. These generate 450,000 jobs. which represents 44% of employment. Logically, this sector should be protected, supported, in a word: pampered!

Listen to a business leader and you will hear his anger, his bitterness. Listen to him talk about his daily life, and you will hear his loneliness. Lack of recognition Lack of support So of course to help each other, there are the networks, the netwoking, the principle of unity that is strength. Our beautiful motto is obvious.

Yet five years after their creation, 1 / 5th of the companies disappears. Business leaders are bending over under the weight of work overload, stress. It can become important – even explosive – when you are faced with an unexpected problem for which it is imperative to intervene.

Carressimo: the urgency in the service of business leaders.

Take this lived example:

You wake up one morning with unmanageable tooth rage. The pain will drive you crazy. And of course, it’s the weekend and your dentist is unreachable. You go to the emergency with one idea in mind, like a mantra: “Do what you want, but do something. Heal Me! “.

Transpose this image to the entrepreneurial world and you arrive at Carressimo.

Because it is most urgent that the business leader needs a quick and relevant solution, Carressimo launches the first platform of emergency assistance for entrepreneurs. Of course, we will not take care of your teeth, but we will make sure to provide an immediate solution to the problem you are facing, whether it is a financial, legal, HR, communication problem or if you need to a coaching.

Because a business leader, just as professional as he is, can not know everything. That it is humanly impossible to foresee everything.

Because SMEs do not always have “the right (wo) man at the right place”, for lack of means or following a defection.

Carressimo is determined to offer you a quick and personalized solution, in a real philosophy of proximity, human as well as geographical.

© Carressimo

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