An emergency assistance platform at the service of companies

The emergency service to businesses

Loneliness is the worst enemy of the independent, the entrepreneur.

Our desire is to provide a quick and personalized solution to business leaders who face an unforeseen problem requiring a direct response.
This solution involves contacting one of our experts.
In a real philosophy of proximity, human as well as geographical.

  • Our niche: the urgency.
    We promise that one of our experts will contact you within 4 hours of receiving your call.
  • Our five areas of expertise are: taxation, legal, human resources, communication (and crisis communication), coaching.
  • We are listening to you six days a week, from 7 am to 10 pm

The principle

We offer private cards that provide access to immediate support services. These cards are activated by a monthly or annual membership:

  • The ACCESS card (10 € per month or 100 € / year excluding tax) allows the Customer to benefit from a hotline, remote advice, assistance with the drafting of contracts or documents in the language of the contract subscription.
  • The EXECUTIVE card (30 € per month or 300 € per year) allows the customer to benefit from a hotline, help with the drafting of contracts or documents, remote advice in any official language of the country from where the call is issued, and assistance wherever Carressimo service is available.

Operation: the 5 steps of a mission

  • Step 1: the customer makes his request.
  • Step 2: this request is taken into account and analyzed by the platform
  • Step 3: we contact the most appropriate expert
  • Step 4: from this moment the expert has 3 hours to get in touch with the client and propose a solution, if possible by telephone.
  • Step 5: the problem is solved or about to be solved. The customer is reassured. We are delighted !

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